Plan of Service

Long and Short Range Plans

Long Range Plans

Set for 2006-2011.  To be reviewed in December of 2008 for updating.

1)  Plan for a new Library Building.  Plans will include adherence to a true community center, Ostfriesland Heritage Society space and a Library theme to provide a signature in the area.  Look into hosting an ICN room.  Committees are being created to divide the planning duties.  Project completion is expected to take 3 to 5 years.  Success willl be measured by the continued progress of each committee.

2)  Outreach capabilities:  How to serve:  story time with day care children; elementary children being bused to Ackley for class; homebound peoples.  Prioritize the groups and decide a plan of action with each in turn.  Implement the plan on a regular basis.  Add a minimum of one group per year for outreach.

3)  Create a long range technology plan in order to keep up with tech needs through budgeting and without surprises so that advances in tech are implemented on a regular basis.  Research future needs and costs.  Create a plan and refer to it once a year.  Success could be measured by continued success of patron use of our tech offerings.

4)  Devise procedure to address long overdue materials in the Library.  Research what other Libraries do.  Meld that into what will make our patrons most comfortable.  Announce plan to patrons.  Implement it on a regular schedule.  Success will be measured by periodically dealing with an uncomfortable problem. 

5)  Create a new Book Discussion Group, computer training for adults and a Read to Me program in the Library.  Again, research what other Libraries are offering and fine tune ideas that would be compatible with our patrons.  Advertise the programs.  Success would be measured by attendance.

6)  Continue to research marketing and develop patron groups to work on.  Look for Continuing Education opportunities, read Library publications, test ideas and keep our collection looking fresh.  Success will be measured by continued increase in our statistics.

7) Develop a written emergency plan for the Library so steps can be followed calmly in an emergency.  Research other Libraries' and agencies' plans.  Write and post a plan and train staff in how to use it.  Success will be measured by completion of the project.  Schedule a drill once a year. 

Short Range Plans

Set for 2006.  To be reviewed each year in December. 

1)  Set a yearly schedule to continue with ongoing weeding beginning with the fiction sections.  Weeding will need to be measured at the least by the minimum of state standards required for accreditation.  The schedule will take less than a week to plan out and will be implemented as steps appear on a yearly basis.

2)  Set a yearly schedule for revision of policies and procedures.  One or two months could be set aside for anything new that may need to be added to policies and procedures.  The schedule will take less than a week to plan out and will be implemented as steps appear on a yearly basis.  Success would be measured by having up to date policies and procedures prepared in a timely manner for each accreditation application.  Actual success would be in possessing up to date policies and procedures for optimum library operations and for ease of mind!

3)  Plan at least 1 but preferably 2 pajama time evening story times for ages preschool thru the 5th grade during the school year.  A week would be required to set the dates, using the school calendar for guidance, and to develop basic themes.  A month would be required to recruit volunteers, prepare crafts, do PR and select books.  Success would be measured by good attendance, as we have had in the past, and enthusiastic attendees!

4)  Continue to provide the high level of customer service and programming we do now.  Staff are encouraged often for their customer service skills and to continue to keep room available for our events planning.  We are already able to greet nearly every patron and continue to provide excellent programs which are truly enriching people's lives.

5)  Create a website either using our own FrontPage software and hosting capabilities or using the newly offered State Library webpage templates and hosting capabilities.  Design and technicalities would take up to 2 months and a schedule for regular updating would need to be created.  The website would then need to be announced.  Success of the project would include counting the number of hits the website received.

6)  Create and post signage for collection locations.  3 months would be required to:  create a list of needed signage, create a design, make the signs and install them.  The project would be successful when completed.

7)  Technology "glitches" and ease of use to fix in software, automation and computer security.  1 day per month minimum will be assigned to address these issues.  Success will be measured by continuing to knock problems off the list.

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